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SQL Server

Softechpillar has vast experience in SQL versions SQL server 2000, SQL server 2005, SQL server 2008, SQL CE 3.0 (Mobile Edition) & SQL CE 3.5 (Mobile Edition).
Microsoft SQL Server is a powerful platform. To realize its full benefits and ensure the loyalty of their data systems, enterprises need support from a team with a deep understanding of its capabilities. Softechpillar have years of technical expertise and experience in all aspects of Microsoft SQL Server. Along with core database administration, our teams have extensive knowledge in virtualization, disaster recovery, and high availability solutions.
Every day, we help clients to manage complex issues in all aspects of monitoring, replication, tuning, upgrading, migrating, auditing, and reporting to fully optimize their business performance.
Our consultants include authors, speakers, college instructors all with varying certification levels, including:

  • Microsoft SQL Server MVP

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer

  • Microsoft SQL Server Certified Master

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert for SQL Server

  • Our core focuses is in terms of SQL Server Technology Application is the Microsoft .NET Framework to the likes of leading solutions providers offering Microsoft .Net Development in India. The finer functional capabilities of applications offered on the .net application framework enable us to ensure a high degree of scalability, robustness & device interoperability with the applications that are developed. Because of loads of skilled resources on the Microsoft platform, we offers MS SQL Server Hosting & Development to customers` worldwide in India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Canada, Germany, USA, UK, Netherlands and South Africa.