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SaaS is one of the most innovative new tools that have been developed for businesses. It is designed to help businesses integrate the applications they use into a format that they can use throughout their offices. One of the main things to consider is how the new software will work with your existing software, as well as with future software applications you may need to purchase. In order to address this issue there is an option that will allow you to purchase a complete suite of applications that are designed to work together. You have another option to take an open API that will allow the business to easily integrate future applications they purchase. Inside a business all of the different software applications that are implemented for use need to work well with the existing software. It is a bad business practice to have one department uses software that other departments cannot use, or that will not work with the software the other departments have. This creates confusion among the different departments. SaaS API is designed to stop this problem and to create software packages that are designed to easily integrate.