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Performance Testing

Performance testing is essential to evaluate various quality attributes & identify what need to be done before the product is marketed. By doing software performance testing you can get the most out of your application as well achieve customer satisfaction & loyalty. For any application usability, loading speed & scalability are the constraints that confirm the performance of the application over a period of time. We do performance testing and gather metrics useful for tuning the system identify bottlenecks such as database configuration, coding errors, hardware issues etc, analyze maximum number of sessions that can be active at once and provide reports to business stakeholders regarding performance against expectations. It helps you to know the largest number of simultaneous users the system is expected to support at any given moment. Key Benefits Uncovers what needs to be tested Know application speed, stability, scalability Improves user experience on sites and web apps Eradicates Bad reputation, failures to meet expected sales goals Avoids Inconsistencies across different operating systems Avoids bad reputation due to poor performance of applications Increases revenue generation